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Vancouver expands recycling program

Encorp Pacific, Canada is expanding a pilot beverage container recycling program to encourage even more beverage recycling in the city of Vancouver. Launched in partnership with the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and in consultation with United We Can, the pilot program audits reported a 94 percent reduction in recyclable beverage containers in Vancouver garbage containers.

“We’ve invested more than $125,000 in this pilot program and are pleased to see its success,” said Scott Fraser, Encorp Pacific president and chief executive officer. “The pilot program in Vancouver will also serve as a model for potential future Encorp receptacle placements in other B.C. municipalities.”

100 new beverage container recycling bins will be added to Stanley Park and to busy street locations following the success of the first 60 installed at high-traffic Vancouver beaches and on Commercial Drive.

Over the last year, the beverage container bins were installed next to garbage bins at several Vancouver beaches and key points along Commercial Drive. Audits found that where the new recycling bins were installed, garbage bins had 94 percent fewer recyclable beverage containers than before, with these items being recycled instead of ending up in the landfill.

The bins are specially designed to enable easy access to recyclables for the binning community. Created with input from United We Can, a downtown organization which promotes the collection of recyclables, the bins provide open access to recyclable containers and can carry up to 144 aluminum cans or 75 plastic bottles each. The additional bins will be installed in high pedestrian traffic areas around the city, where binners go to collect and recycle containers.

“When used properly the new beverage container bins installed around the city provide the binning community with a quick, clean and safe way to collect the refundable containers left behind by the public without having to dig through garbage cans,” said Gerry Martin, general manager of United We Can Bottle Depot.