Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Crushed Car Haulers

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Taylor Machinery Corporation
Bill Taylor

When scrap autos have been processed by a licensed recycler, various parts are removed, as well as the vehicle’s battery, gas tank and fluids. Then the vehicle is crushed into a more compact form for transport to wherever that material will then be further processed. The containers that are used for moving those crushed cars must be rugged and safe, yet as light as possible in design. That container must also have safety and convenience features that will make it attractive to users.

Jim Reeves is the marketing manager at Benlee Inc., a manufacturer of trailers for the scrap and waste recycling industries. “Our Super Mini roll off truck replacement, the open top scrap hauler and the crushed car trailer are some of our most popular products. Our crushed car trailers comply with the new federally mandated laws of securing and containing crushed automobiles for transport,” Reeves said.


He described the two key design features of Benlee crushed car trailers as: 1) There are D-rings on the trailer straps, which are attached to ratchets. Chains can then be attached to the D-rings, so that chains, not straps, are in contact with the vehicles contained in the trailer. Those straps could be cut by rough metal edges if they were in contact with the vehicles. 2) There is a self-contained fluid reservoir in the base of each trailer, which can be drained. The reservoir contains fluid that may come from the vehicles. The ability to easily remove those waste fluids helps users to keep the container clean and also provides the ability to properly dispose of those fluids.

Reeves noted that Benlee car trailers have three permanent sides with the option to use the fourth side access as a gate or tarp system. He added, “Regardless of the option chosen, our trailers offer a faster and safer way to haul crushed cars than some other products available. We understand the harsh conditions that are often involved with products used the scrap recycling industry and we build the best crushed car trailer in the industry.”

Maurer Manufacturing

Maurer Manufacturing has built frameless hopper bottom grain trailers for nearly 20 years. In 2005, by combining the expertise developed for unitized body grain trailers with the performance characteristics of Hardox steel, Maurer introduced a line of Gondola Trailers in three lengths and five wall heights that has changed the game of transporting metal for recycling.

According to Chris Tostenrud, general manager, Maurer Gondola Trailers have been “designed in partnership with SSAB for the application of Hardox Wear Plate in the production of light weight yet durable Gondola Trailers conceived for the business of hauling metal for recycling.” Maurer trailers are manufactured from the ground up using all new materials and components, offering uniformity and reliability. Tostenrud said the most requested trailer configuration is the high capacity 48’ long, trailer with 8’ side walls. “This trailer boasts a transport volume of 113 cu.yds. of material while crossing the scales with a tare weight of 22,040 lbs., allowing more material transport per load. Profit is in hauling material tonnage, not trailer weight,” she said.

She also noted that all commercial trucking operations should keep abreast of the increase in regulatory enforcement efforts. “All trucks and trailers are under more scrutiny today than five years ago. At Maurer, we build trailers for the functionality required in the metal recycling business and that are compliant with transportation regulations.”

Taylor Machinery Corporation

Taylor Machinery Corporation’s premier crushed car trailer is the RD 45. “This revolutionary trailer has received two patents. What used to take hours with the old tie-down method, only takes minutes with our crushed car trailer because the crushed cargo is completely enclosed. The user doesn’t have safety issues from flying debris as the vehicle travels down the road,” stated Bill Taylor, president of the firm.

He said the product’s expanded metal sides help control loose debris on the trailer and other features include a 15-minute load/unload time, a steel floor with fork risers, a safety lock system and a pilot-operated check valve in the hydraulic system. The hauler operates from a P.T.O. system and auxiliary power is also available. The four-sided trailer opens hydraulically on one side for ease of loading and unloading. Also, the sides of the vehicle are made of expanded metal to cut down on the overall weight of the trailer, providing more pay weight in cargo.

Taylor Machinery builds new trailers but their staff can also retrofit existing trailers, including step deck trailers. Taylor said that the operation of the RD 45 crushed car trailer can even be viewed at the company’s website.