Waste Management Pilots Electronics Recycling Program in Houston

Houston, TX - Waste Management Inc. will work with the City of Houston to offer a residential electronics recycling pilot program at the city's Environmental Service Center and the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center.

The Environmental Service Center, located at 11500 South Post Oak, and the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center, located at 5900 Westpark, now accepts personal computers, monitors, cellular phones without batteries, televisions, printers, keyboards, mice, scanners, fax machines, telephones, VCRs, and small consumer electronics.

Once collected, the items will be transported to Waste Management's Atascocita Recycle America Facility in Humble. Waste Management will then disassemble the electronics and transport approximately half of the materials to recyclers in North America and the remaining materials to end-markets in Europe and Asia.

"This project enhances the city's recycling program and demonstrates our commitment to recycling and protecting our environment," said Steve Ragiel, vice president of recycling for Waste Management. "We are optimistic that many people will want to take advantage of this convenient service."

Electronics recycling has emerged as a major issue in the U.S. as the average technological life span of a computer has rapidly decreased to two years or less. The estimated disposal of this equipment could reach half a billion units by the year 2007.

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