December 2004

World's First Compostable Plastic Bottle Introduced

Los Angeles, CA— According to the Container Recycling Institute, more than 89 percent of plastic water bottles — approximately 40 million each day — end up as trash or litter. BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. brings a new, planet-friendly bottled water alternative to Los Angeles residents — BIOTA premium spring water. BIOTA’s natural spring water, which originates from one a protected alpine springs perched above Ouray, Colorado, is packaged in the world’s first plastic bottle made from corn. This unique bottle is compostable and is approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. BIOTA, which first debuted in Colorado, is now available exclusively at Wild Oats Natural Marketplace, and will roll out to other Southern California stores in the coming weeks.

“BIOTA water is the perfect combination of premium spring water and environmental respect. Bottled water consumption has more than doubled. California leads the nation with 1.6 million gallons downed annually and studies show that demographically, Los Angeles drinks the most bottled water,” says David M. Zutler, CEO of BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. “Consumers ultimately want a planet-friendly option. BIOTA now will stand out as the best choice among bottled waters worldwide.”

BIOTA is changing the face of the beverage industry with its compostable bottle. This revolutionary new plastic, developed by Cargill Dow LLC, is derived from a 100 percent renewable resource, corn. BIOTA bottles disappear in approximately 80 days in a commercial composting environment. All other soda and water beverages are packaged in petroleum-based bottles, which will never degrade under similar composting conditions.

The planet-friendly packaging is only part of what makes BIOTA so unique. BIOTA, an acronym for Blame It On The Altitude, also means “local flora and fauna” according to Webster’s New College Dictionary. The natural spring water comes from a hidden source more than 9,000 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest protected alpine springs in the world.

BIOTA is bottled in a new multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art plant in Ouray, Colorado. Zutler, who has accomplished his 10-year dream of selling a premium spring water, says the bottling facility is Ouray’s first new major commercial enterprise in many years. BIOTA is competitively priced in the premium bottled spring water category.

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