December 2005

Aluminum can industry announces initiatives to encourage residential curbside recycling and business participation

Arlington, VA— This America Recycles Day, the aluminum can industry announced their efforts to increase aluminum can recycling rates, while encouraging Americans to get involved in recycling.

The Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturers Institute have joined forces in the Aluminum Can Council (ACC) to promote recycling on a variety of different levels. The following aluminum can industry-sponsored programs have all celebrated tremendous successes and provide opportunities for communities, businesses and individuals to enlist in the effort to continue increasing recycling participation.

Curbside Value Partnership
The Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) is a national partnership between the ACC and material recovery facility (MRF) operators, city officials and organizations interested in recycling. The partnership was created to increase residential participation in curbside programs and make the programs more profitable and sustainable. The CVP was formed by members of the ACC and is based on research, pilot programs and best practices around the country.

A pilot program in Indian River County, Florida saw a 22% increase in recycling of co-mingled materials. In every partner community, the ACC works with officials to educate residents on where and how to get a bin, showcases the benefits of recycling and helps cities measure success.

Aluminum Can Challenge
The Aluminum Can Challenge is reflective of the aluminum and can manufacturer industries’ commitment to recycling and the environment by collecting and recycling used aluminum beverage cans for local charities and raising recycling awareness.

In this competition, the ACC encouraged aluminum can manufacturers to participate in recycling aluminum cans in their communities. Employees are encouraged to ask friends, community groups, schools and local businesses to recycle cans at designated locations.

The Challenge began on September 1st and ended on America Recycles Day. The top three facilities with the highest number of cans recycled per capita will have $500 dedicated to the charity of their choice.

The aluminum recycling operation facility recycling the most per capita wins a $500 check for their selected local charity.

School Programs
The ACC works with schools nationwide to educate and inform children, teachers and parents about the importance of recycling. This is done via several programs - the Recycle Challenge and two school curriculums: The ABCs of Environmental Education and Talkin’ Trash with ABCs.

Recycle Challenge currently involves partnerships with school communities across the country to involve their students in recycling participation. Schools volunteer to serve as aluminum can drop-off centers and easily accessible bins on-site. The schools receive funding garnered from the recycled cans.

Cans for Habitat
Cans for Habitat is a partnership between the Aluminum Association and Habitat for Humanity International where money earned from recycled aluminum cans goes directly to the construction of Habitat homes in communities around the country. To date, over 650 Habitat affiliates nationwide participate in the program.

Since the Cans for Habitat program began in 1997, 11.3 million pounds of aluminum cans have been recycled nationally by and for Habitat affiliates - an equivalent of over $4 million, all of which has gone to the construction of more than 92 Habitat houses. Local affiliates, volunteers, recyclers, national and local retail outlets and civic organizations work together to “Make Every Can Count!”

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