December 2005

Group formed to sell digested fiber

Idaho Falls, ID— Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (ITR) a renewable energy company and Organix Inc. an organic residuals management firm announced the signing of an agreement to market ITR’s processed animal waste residuals and join efforts to help large livestock operations achieve a near zero waste process.

ITR is producing as a bi-product, from their biogas facility in Rupert, Idaho, a unique high nutrient fiber material similar in size and composition to peat moss. Organix with expertise in soil amendment design, production, and marketing, has found that ITR’s product could command a premium resell value when sold to organic gardeners, landscape supply yards and other professionals.

ITR has produced over 1,000 cubic yards of this fiber which will be immediately purchased by Organix. The product will be sold regionally in bulk. ITR is producing this fiber at an annual rate of 5,000 cubic yards per year at the Rupert site. Additionally the new WestPoint biogas plant and expanded Whitesides facility will add an additional 50,000 cubic yards of annual production of high quality digested fiber.

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