December 2005

McGraw-Hill Construction report shows environmentally responsible building market reaching $10-$20 billion

New York, NY— McGraw-Hill Construction (MHC) released a report indicating the environmentally responsible “green building” market will reach $10-$20 billion over the next five years. The report was released at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Greenbuild conference in Atlanta.

The research findings presented in MHC’s new Green Building SmartMarket Report show:

•Green building comprises approximately 2% of nonresidential construction starts in 2004, valued at $3.3 billion.
•By 2010, the green building market is expected to be 5%-10% of nonresidential construction starts (excluding nonbuilding construction), valued from $10 billion - $20 billion.
•Over 70% of a representative sample of architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners anticipate sales growth from green building.
•60% of architects, engineers and contractors are specifying and installing green building products in their construction projects.
•Operating costs of green buildings expected to be between 8% and 9% lower than other buildings; green buildings expected to have increased values of 7.5%.

The report also offers recommendations and suggestions about business opportunity areas highlighted by the research. To purchase the report, visit

MHC is also incorporating sustainable practices into its printing of products related to green building.

“Not only are we offering intelligence and resources to our customers, but we’re changing some of the ways we do business,” said Young. Choosing to print the Green Building SmartMarket Report 2006 on selected paper and using soy based inks, MHC saved 12,275 gallons of water, 21 million BTUs of energy, and nearly 2,000 pounds of solid waste.

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