December 2005

E-mail – One Step Closer to World Dominance

E-mail in your business is rapidly becoming like the phone. You must use it to run your business! It’s like green eggs and ham.

You can use it on your PC, you can use it on your Personal Digital assistant (PDA), you can use on your Game-boy, you can use it in your TV, Sam I am. You can use it in many languages and it translates. You can send invoices, statements, ledgers, work orders, fuel tickets, dump lading forms and pictures with and with and without music.

Your driver, on their PDA, can enter the items services, print a receipt on the wireless Bluetooth printer and e-mail the information back to the office so an official invoice can be generated and e-mailed to the customer, sometimes before the driver can pull the vehicle out of the driveway.

While traveling at a trade show you can receive and send e-mail so you can stay in touch of any telephone calls and issues. As a matter of fact, if you have the right phone service, you can actually receive your phone messages delivered via e-mail and played back to you and, yes, you can record and send back a voice e-mail.

There are several ways to bring e-mail into your business. Google has Gmail that is FREE. And if you Yahoo, you can use their e-mail as well. If you want your company name as your e-mail address, try and for a small fee they will setup your company as a registered URL and host your e-mail.

And yes, all the mentioned services will allow you to avoid the technical problems with installing and maintaining e-mail on our server, protection against viruses and the tools needed to protect you and your employees from both business and “Adult” spam (e-mail telemarketers) and support built-in spell checkers to correct typing errors.

So what are the show stoppers? Reading glasses, typing skills, using the internet (high speed) and changing your way of doing business!

Here are a few trends that tell you this is not a fad, but the real thing. Some states require that you pay your sales tax over the internet with an e-check and require an e-mail address for verification. Try buying something over the internet without an e-mail address. Your children or grandchildren wonder why you do not answer their e-mail message.

What’s coming next year is a new version of Windows and it will support voice recognition and allow you to hear and dictate your e-mails - so say goodbye to your show stopper issues. But, it will also support video, so you may want to get that haircut. That only leaves the use of the internet and that is becoming “FREE” at many locations.



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