Better Energy Systems finds creative uses for recycled tires

Better Energy Systems (BES), manufacturer of the award-winning Solio Hybrid Universal Chargers, is expanding its tread™ line of eco-conscious handcrafted cases and bags. These bags and cases are made with recycled butyl rubber — a super-material, which is rescued from discarded inner tubes of South American truck tires. BES purchases the used tires from local pit stops in Quibdó, Columbia then cleans and ships them to its workshop in Barranquilla. There, BES-employed artisans turn the rubber into cases for Solio Hybrid Solar Chargers, iPods, cell phones, smartphones, and now also iPhones, Apple Touch MP3 players, digital cameras, laptop sleeves and attache bags.

The result is a durable case and bag line that is resistant to damage from wear, UV light, is impermeable by liquids, endures temperatures of up to110º C, will not house mold, and wipes clean with one swipe. Additionally, by using the recycled butyl rubber in its tread case form, BES prevents the creation of toxic emissions that would have been released into the atmosphere when the discarded tires were otherwise burned. It is estimated that only 15 percent of 300,000+ tons of butyl produced annually is recycled.