Pennsylvania supports clean energy projects

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell announced the investment of nearly $12 million in alternative clean energy projects that will create at least 1,200 full- and part-time jobs and attract nearly $118 million in private investment.

The projects are expected to generate at least 488,363 megawatt hours of electricity and conserve another 2,500 megawatt hours, which is comparable to creating enough power from clean energy to power almost 50,000 homes.

The Alternative Energy Investment Fund signed by Governor Rendell will invest $665.9 million, of which $237.5 million is specifically targeted towards helping consumers conserve electricity and to manage higher energy prices and $428.4 million to spur the development of alternative energy resources and to create at least 10,000 jobs in these industries.

The Governor signed legislation in October to help consumers save $500 million over the next five years through a combination of conservation measures, energy efficiency tools and requirements that utilities provide service at the lowest reasonable rate.

After years of inactivity, the Governor reactivated the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) to help spark innovation and economic development in Pennsylvania’s energy industry. Since 2005, PEDA has approved 105 grants and loans totaling more than $44 million for clean energy projects.

Applicants for PEDA financing can seek grant assistance to help pay for capital costs for a variety of innovative, advanced energy projects, such as solar energy; wind; low-impact hydropower; geothermal; biologically derived methane gas, including landfill gas; biomass; fuel cells; coal mine methane; waste coal; integrated gasification combined cycle; demand management measures, including recycled energy and energy recovery, energy efficiency and load management; and clean, alternative fuels for transportation.

Applicants with projects related to distributed generation for critical public infrastructure are particularly encouraged to apply. PEDA financing is available to organizations operating in Pennsylvania and to those businesses interested in locating energy operations in the state.