Pennsylvanians offered hybrid vehicle rebate

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell reminded car buyers or those who have purchased an eligible vehicle in the past six months that $500 rebates are available to make fuel-efficient electric hybrid vehicles more affordable.

The Governor said Pennsylvania has made more than $1 million available to continue its popular rebate program, which helps drivers conserve fuel, save money, and reduce the state’s dependence on imported oil.

Rebates will be provided only for purchasing the cleanest and most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. In order to qualify, the total city and highway miles per gallon ratings as measured by the United States Environmental Protection Agency must meet or exceed 55 mpg. The hybrid vehicle must also have a carbon footprint of less than 7.0 tons per year of carbon dioxide as accounted by www.fueleconomy.gov.

The Department of Environmental Protection maintains a list of eligible vehicles that is updated monthly at www.depweb.state.pa.us , keyword Hybrid Vehicle Rebates.