Phoenix Resources fined for waste transportation violations

Phoenix Resources, Inc. was fined $44,000 by the Department of Environmental Protection for accepting construction and demolition waste at its Duncan Township, Tioga County, landfill from a waste hauler that was missing a valid authorization sticker on his vehicle.

The Pennsylvania’s Waste and Transportation Act, or Act 90, requires waste haulers to obtain authorization from DEP to transport trash in Pennsylvania. Haulers must display a valid authorization sticker on vehicles to help ensure that waste is being moved in a way that protects public safety and the environment.

“On May 14, the department conducted an unannounced inspection at the landfill operated by Phoenix Resources and found a waste hauler to be in violation of the Act 90 regulation, leading to an investigation at the facility,” said DEP regional director Robert Yowell.

DEP determined that the landfill had accepted waste from the same vehicle on 22 separate occasions. Act 90 requires that a mandatory penalty of $2,000 be assessed to a waste disposal facility each time it accepts waste from a vehicle that does not have the valid Act 90 authorization sticker.