New process for juice boxes and cartons emerges

A cutting edge recycling line was launched at Groupe RCM’s recycling facility in Québec; a local project that’s part of a larger industry strategy to optimize end-of-life carton management in Canada. The launch is the end result of a 3 year development and represents a $3.5 million investment, spearheaded by Tetra Pak as part of its larger, aggressive national recycling plan. Tetra Pak and its corporate partners A. Lassonde Inc., and Natrel, along with Québec government corporation, Recyc-Québec collectively provided Groupe RCM with $1 million in seed capital.

Sylvia Martin, an employee of Groupe RCM Inc. explains recycling line to the President of Group RCM, Yvon Picotte and Pierre Lacoursiere of Canada Economic Development.

The new process breaks down carton, plastic bag and film waste into a thermoplastic resin.

The line accepts all gable top and aseptic cartons, as well as plastic shopping bags and cellophane films from sorting centers in the Québec market. A thermokinetic process uses high-speed knives to homogenize disparate waste materials into plastic granules that can later be used for making a wide variety of plastic products including: flower pots, railway ties, guard rail posts, pallets and plastic lumber. The process is waste-free, converting all elements, including straws, caps and other plastic attachments, into plastic granules.

This investment aligns with the greater awareness and concern that Canadians have for recycling in general. According to an EKOS survey commissioned by Tetra Pak, more than 80 percent of Canadians feel recycling is worth the effort.