KGRA receives grant for new power project

KGRA Energy Corporation has received a $750,000 grant from the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection towards the construction of a waste heat-to-power project.

The cogeneration facility will be located in Bradford County, Pennsylvania and will harvest the heat from reciprocating engines at a natural gas compression station currently under construction by a major natural gas company. It will produce approximately 1.26MW of clean, renewable electricity from a generator linked to an organic Rankine cycle power system.

The grant, administered by the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, is designed to drive the advanced and renewable energy technology marketplace and further the implementation of energy efficient technologies.

With an uptime ratio of 95 percent, KGRA’s facility is estimated to produce 10 million kilowatt-hours of emission-free electricity per year – displacing the equivalent of over 16 million lbs. of carbon dioxide and producing enough electricity for over 900 residences – all from the wasted exhaust heat from gas-powered engines.