Rumpke invests more than $2.5 million in Ohio

Rumpke Recycling is investing in Ohio’s recycling effort with a $2.5 million upgrade at its glass processing facility in Dayton, Ohio.

Rumpke Recycling is partnering with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Owens-Illinois to build enhanced technology to process glass. The new system will create a product suitable for the glass container industry.

“Securing consistent markets for glass has been a long-time challenge for Ohio recyclers. While many collection programs seek to remove glass from their recycling programs, Rumpke has committed a substantial amount of capital and time to incorporate glass as one of the items Ohio households and businesses can recycle on a daily basis,” said Steve Sargent, director of Rumpke Recycling.

Installation of the equipment will begin April 2011 and will be completed by mid-August. Optical scanning technology will make recycling glass containers used by consumers, as well as bars and restaurants, easier and more economical. Simultaneously, as the program evolves, job growth is expected throughout the state.

While a significant portion of the material processed at Rumpke Recycling will be prepared for use in container manufacturing, recycling partner Johns-Manville in Defiance, Ohio will continue to use 50 percent of the processed glass as a raw material.