Republic Services modernizes single-stream sorting system

Republic Services, Inc. will invest $20 million to modernize the single-stream sorting system at its Southern California recycling facility, CVT Regional Material Recovery Facility. Recognized as one of the largest materials recovery facilities (MRFs) by volume in the United States, CVT has served municipalities throughout Southern California for more than two decades.

The Southern California MRF has seen numerous enhancements throughout the years, but this time around it will receive a major overhaul with the installation of a brand new single-stream sorting system, designed by Bulk Handling Systems (BHS). The high-tech sorting equipment, featuring patented screens and optical detection technology, is custom designed to improve operations and recovery. RRT Design & Construction (RRT) was selected by Republic to manage the project and site enhancements.

According to BHS representative Eric Winkler, Republic’s new system, which is designed to increase capacity from 20 tons per hour to 50 tons per hour, is one of the largest, most sophisticated single-stream systems BHS has developed to date.

The system features a comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition electrical control package, which provides Republic with advanced capabilities in operating and managing the process. Data is continuously captured throughout the system, providing real-time and ongoing monitoring of key performance metrics such as throughput, power consumption, and maintenance needs. This allows Republic to keep the system operating at peak performance levels.

“These improvements are the first, of a two-phased modernization project intended to further advance Republic’s mission to improve the environment and help its customers reach their sustainability goals,” said Jim Ambroso, area president.

A new Eco-Center is also planned, to allow MRF visitors the opportunity to observe how recyclables are sorted and removed from the waste stream and prepared for shipment to mills and production facilities.

The CVT Regional MRF, modernization project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2011.

Phase II of the project is under development and is scheduled to start in 2012.