Survey shows adults see need for car battery recycling

In conjunction with the opening of the Society of Environmental Journalists’ Annual Conference in Miami, Florida, SLAB Watchdog released the results of its first national survey on the recycling habits and beliefs of adults in the United States. They surveyed 2,050 adults on their views and opinions on the recycling of car batteries and other electronic waste.

The survey showed that by a margin of three to one, American adults recognize the need to recycle a car battery more than any other form of e-waste. The survey also showed overwhelming strength for the idea that car batteries purchased for use in government vehicles with taxpayer money should be recycled domestically. Some survey highlights include:

  • Ninety-five percent believe recycling car batteries is an important way to protect the environment from potentially hazardous materials like lead and battery acid.
  • Eighty-two percent agree the car battery recycling industry provides good jobs for American workers.
  • Ninety percent believe it makes more sense to recycle batteries domestically where stricter regulations better protect workers and the environment.