Unique PVC recycling program tested

Advanced TrimWright (ATW), a custom re-manufacturer of PVC exterior trim products for residential and commercial construction use, launched a new PVC recycling program.

The program is the creation of Dan Andrade, founder and CEO of Advanced TrimWright, who describes the program as a win-win for everyone. ATW is the leading re-manufacturer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) trimboard, millwork and mouldings in the Northeast, and Andrade created the recycling program to address a need in the industry.

According to the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council, over 7 billion pounds of PVC materials are thrown away each year; of that amount, only 18 million pounds are recycled.

Under the program, ATW has created a recycling box, measuring 44” wide by 44” deep, capable of holding the equivalent of 52,000 16” water bottles. The company will provide these recycling boxes to each of their lumber yard distributors who are part of this program. In all, ATW distributes its PVC products to approximately 250 lumber yards throughout New England and the Northeast.

All PVC material to be recycled will be picked up by ATW and transported to their East Taunton, Massachusetts facility, where Andrade has contracted with a recycler who will collect the material at the ATW facility and recycle it.