Playground made with 100 percent recycled materials

Frog Lake, a small community located in Alberta, Canada, now has a safe and sustainable playground for its 1,000 residents to enjoy. The playground was built using only 100 percent recycled materials, including Pinnacle rubber mulch which was selected for the playground's safety surfacing.

Manufactured by LTR Products, a subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling, Pinnacle rubber mulch comes from recycled scrap tires, making it an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to wood mulch for landscaping and playgrounds.

“In Canada, year-round harsh weather conditions put wood mulch safety surfaces at risk for deterioration and freezing,” said Brad Pittam, general manager, LTR Products. “With Pinnacle Rubber Mulch, the Frog Lake community will have a playground that is safe throughout the year as our rubber mulch doesn’t absorb water and freeze into a solid block like wet wood mulch can. When you compare the expense of multiple applications of wood mulch with an up front purchase of rubber mulch, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch actually costs up to 65 percent less over a nominal 5 year period as it resists floating, blowing away and deteriorating.”

More than 96,000 lbs. of redwood Pinnacle Rubber Mulch were installed at the new Frog Lake playground. As a playground safety surface, a 6” layer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will cushion a child’s fall from as high as 16’, providing up to 50 percent more fall-height protection than wood mulch using half of the material.

As an eco-friendly product, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch not only saves trees from the shredder, but also provides an outlet for the millions of scrap tires collected and processed annually.