Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Attachments for Metal Recycling

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Manufacturer List

AIM Attachments
Chris Nichols

Allied Construction Products LLC
Greg Smith

A-Ward Attachments Ltd
Mike Ganier

Bateman Manufacturing
Mark Vandenberg

Genesis Attachments
Amy Burmeister

Kenco Corporation
Tracy Black

Northshore Manufacturing, Inc.
Uwe Kausch

Palfinger American Roll-off
Warren Kimble

Rotobec, Inc.
Mark Shukla

SAS of Luxemburg, Ltd.
Paul Secker

Solesbee’s Equipment & Attachments, LLC
Dave Jenkins

Stanley LaBounty
Nathan Buckert

When recycling metal, efficient processing is paramount. With the right tools, scrap metal can be turned into a valuable asset. “A-Ward’s roots are in attachments,” explained Mike Ganier, general manager. He said that years of experience in working closely with recycling and demolition companies and spotting a need in the market, is how the company came into being.

A-Ward Attachments Ltd

“What is unique about A-Ward attachments is that they are virtually indestructible. Their distinct patented design not only makes them powerful but also very robust – standing up even in the toughest environments. The majority of our attachment products are mechanical, meaning not including a hydraulic ram. By utilizing the power of the excavator’s hydraulic ram, our attachments require virtually no maintenance and are competitively priced, offering an unbeatable return on investment.”

Ganier said that whether cutting down steel structures or processing steel on the ground, A-Ward’s steel shear will quickly and effectively get the job done. The product quickly cuts through scrap steel and is also effective in the processing and reduction of large truck and loader tires, cutting through rubber like butter. A-Ward’s patented double-acting jaw system provides greater cutting force while utilizing seven identical blades for shearing and piercing. This tool is also super-fast, cycling 12 to 14 cuts per minute, and is durable, versatile and productive, whatever the operation.

“Our robust concrete pulverizer jaw gives you clean material separation – reducing disposal costs and allowing you to on sell these resources. The pulverizer jaw is perfect for urban areas. The virtually indestructible tool is quiet and very easy to operate and is inexpensive to install and maintain. Replaceable bolt-on teeth ensure a solid work platform and long life. The tool’s super-fast jaw cycle time and incredible crunch provides an impressive return on investment for your operations,” Ganier stated. He said that A-Ward’s quick hitch coupling system is a simple, durable and safe attachment solution. The product allows the user to quickly change between attachments, providing increased efficiency. No pins allow for a faster change eliminating the need to realign a new attachment. Designed to be used with both mechanical and hydraulic attachments, the quick hitch is also completely customizable.

The company’s strut hook hitch is a powerful tool that meets the most stringent safety standards and allows a user to change to the right tool in a matter of minutes. Strut arm alignment can be done completely from the cab of the excavator, enhancing safety for the user and eliminating downtime. When combined with any A-Ward attachments, the patented Power-Positive™ configuration creates a much greater attachment jaw force than standard pin-on attachments can achieve.

Rotobec manufactures a number of products that are used by metal recyclers, chiefly their orange peel grapple. The product is available in many different sizes and models with the option of closed, semi-closed or open tine configurations. The 4-tine models range from 0.5 to 3 cu. yds., while the 5-tine models range from 0.5 to 1.8 cu. yds. There is also an option to include an integrated magnet, which is particularly effective for scrap yard cleanup or material separation.

Features and options include an interlocked head structure, enclosed cylinder guards, Rotobec-patented RT rotators, and the best combination of component protection and accessibility. “Orange peel grapples are manufactured on American soil in our Rotobec USA facility in Littleton, New Hampshire. The demolition version of our power attachments is also particularly effective in the handling of recycling materials. This grapple varies greatly in size and is available with a number of options, including dangling or positioned rotator, or an integrated valve-on-swivel,” stated Mark Shukla, director, sales and marketing.

The material handler also boasts features such as weld-on, replaceable tips, high pressure cylinders, and an interlocking design for increased strength and durability. Shukla added, “We manufacture a line of loaders that vary in size. Models include the 60, Elite, Elite SM, Horizon and Optimax. Our loaders are customizable with many options available, including configurations, boom lengths and cabs.”

Paul Secker is president of SAS Forks. He said, “there is a wide variety of equipment needed to safely and efficiently handle and process scrap metal, but a short list of examples might include trucks, roll-off bins, wheel loaders, material handlers, excavators, shredders and eddy-current separators. “Specific attachments coupled to wheel loaders and excavators leverage the hydraulic power of these machines, turning them into processing centers themselves and generating tremendous value in the metal recycling stream.”

SAS Forks

Secker speculated that there are possibly more manufacturers of attachments than brands of wheel loaders or excavator machines, and each manufacturer brings design perspective that is a result of their experience. “We’ve been active in the auto salvage industry since 1968, so we’ve had a broad exposure to studying, engineering and manufacturing attachments that are used specifically for rough service and metal recycling,” Secker stated.

On the core end of material handling, for wheel loaders, SAS Forks offers heavy duty crushing forks. For more wheel loader versatility and process perspective, SAS Forks offers their Scorpion Engine Puller. Secker noted, “A client of ours at an auto recycling business told us that our Scorpion is an excellent product. He said he was happy to learn that the product does everything shown in our video and more. The Scorpion can off-load incoming trucks, load drain racks, set and retrieve cars in the yard, pull engines and transmissions, pull a dash to expose copper that can be recovered, load a car crusher, pick up white goods and load a baler, pick up dumpsters, and grapple loose materials from the ground.”

Excavators are a helpful tool in metal recycling processes because the machines are helpful in dismantling autos. “Our SAS Extreme™ auto processor excavator attachment has a patented jaw configuration, with a rotator specifically engineered to take advantage of the nimble boom and arm that reaches in and extracts an engine, transmission, and the abundant aluminum and copper inside cars and trucks. A salvage yard owner recently told us that using the Extreme enabled him to double his copper recovery when processing cars,” said Secker.