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Novelis increases recycled content in certain products

Novelis Inc. has made progress in its commitment toward reducing its carbon footprint and delivering on key measures of sustainable business performance.

Among the milestones detailed in “Sustainability Through Disruptive Innovation,” the company’s third annual sustainability report, is an increase in the recycled content of its products from 33 percent to 43 percent in the first two years since announcing its ambitious target to achieve 80 percent recycled content by 2020. Novelis also became the world’s largest recycler of aluminum this year as it continues to expand its recycling capacity.

Other highlights of the report include the following results versus baseline performance using the average of fiscal years 2007–2009:

  • A 19 percent reduction in energy intensity, more than halfway to goal of 39 percent.
  • A 16 percent reduction in water intensity, more than halfway to its goal of 25 percent.
  • A 14 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, representing significant progress towards reaching its total goal of halving Novelis’ absolute GHGs.

In the last year, the company’s sustainability strategy drove the development of evercan™, a high-recycled content aluminum beverage can sheet. The product is a packaging breakthrough that delivers sustainability benefits to customers and end consumers.

The company also continues to make significant progress in its long-term recycling objectives and the path to 50 percent recycled inputs by 2015 is clear. The sustainability progress is enabled by investments of close to $500 million to nearly double the company’s recycling capacity by mid-decade. Novelis began operations last year at a new recycling facility in Yeongju, South Korea, the largest fully integrated beverage can recycling system in Asia, and broke ground on a plant in Nachterstedt, Germany, which will be the largest aluminum recycling facility in the world when complete in 2014.