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2013–2015 FeMET, StEEL scholarship recipients named

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and the Association for Iron & Steel Technology Foundation’s Ferrous Metallurgy Education Today, or FeMET Initiative, and Steel Engineering Education Link, or StEEL, scholarship program, both aimed at attracting top talent to the North American steel industry, have awarded scholarships of $5,000 to third-year students from leading North American colleges for the 2013–2015 academic years. Each scholarship includes a paid internship at a North American steel company during the summer and a second scholarship of $5,000 in the student’s fourth year based on satisfactory academic and internship performance. The Premier Scholarship is awarded to the top-scoring FeMET and StEEL applications received, and includes a $10,000 scholarship and a paid internship with a North American steel company.

The following 2013–2015 students and scholars have been awarded the FeMET, StEEL and Premier Scholarships:


  • Thomas J. Chrobak, materials science and engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison.
  • Jared Kerker, metallurgical engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology.
  • Cameron LaPresta, metallurgical engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology.
  • Kaitlin Marianelli, materials engineering and management, McMaster University.
  • Sonya Snyder, metallurgical engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology.
  • Kaylee M. Strickland, metallurgical engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology.


  • R. Agarwal, electrical engineering, McGill University.
  • Taylor D. Collins, mechanical engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology.
  • Eurydice Kanimba, mechanical engineering, Midwestern State University.
  • Trent R. Stewart, mechanical engineering, University of California–Santa Barbara.


  • Myrissa N. Maxfield, materials science and engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • Magda Zydzik, materials engineering, McGill University.

The goals of these scholarship/internship programs are to present incentives to the scholarship recipients to continue in the field of ferrous metallurgy/materials science programs by ensuring two years of scholarship awards plus the summer internship, all provided that the students continue to perform satisfactorily in their studies and work.

The AIST Foundation is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized for charitable, education and scientific purposes that seeks to attract technology- oriented professionals to the steel industry by educating the public about the high-tech, diverse and rewarding nature of careers in modern steel- making. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to talented and dedicated students to encourage the pursuit of a career within iron and steel-related industries.

The AIST Foundation is part of AIST, an international technical association of more than 16,000 professional and student members from 70 countries.