Battery Recycling Organization Recognizes Community Efforts

Atlanta, GA - The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) awarded Indiana Household Hazardous Waste Task Force (IHHWTF) the second annual National Community Recycling Leadership Award. Special recognition was given to the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District in Indiana, and Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority in Pennsylvania with the second annual RBRC Community Recycling Leadership Awards at the Authority's Annual Public Officials Meeting.

The RBRC Community Recycling Leadership Award recognizes RBRC community program participants for their outstanding efforts in rechargeable battery recycling.

"The goal of the RBRC Community Recycling Leadership Award is two-fold: to recognize best-in-class programs and to encourage other communities to strive to develop programs that mirror those honored by the RBRC award," said Ralph Millard, executive vice president, RBRC. "The Indiana Household Hazardous Waste Task Force has done a superb job demonstrating these qualities and we commend them for their exemplary work."

The Indiana Task Force, a statewide household hazardous waste organization, has worked with RBRC for nearly six years. In that time, they have quickly moved to the head of the pack - growing their recycling and education program in leaps and bounds.

•In 2001, IHHWTF collected nearly 11,800 pounds of rechargeable batteries.

•Monroe County's Solid Waste Management District, which is receiving special recognition, weighed-in collecting 4,445 pounds of the nearly 11,800 pounds of batteries.

•In a year and a half, the number of communities in Indiana participating in the RBRC collection program has increased 325 percent.

•There are over 350 collection sites in Indiana that accept rechargeable batteries. "Lancaster County has the formula right, and the integration of the RBRC program into its overall recycling plan has been outstanding." Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority has been actively recycling rechargeable batteries for over 10 years. Highlights include:

•Collecting over half million recyclable batteries over the life of the program.

•Providing tens of thousands of battery bags, free of charge, to Lancaster residents.

•Facilitating curbside collection for batteries.