Chicago Transit Authority Signs Contract for 10,000 Plastic Rail Ties

Boca Raton, FL - U.S. Plastic Lumber Corp.'s Engineered Products group has signed a contract to supply an additional ten thousand recycled composite railroad ties, trademarked DuraTie®, to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The CTA has been a long time proponent of composite cross-ties and has purchased several thousand railroad ties from USPL in the past.

Michael McCann, chief operating officer of USPL, said, "We are excited about the continued commitment of the CTA and shows that we have met CTA's expectations of offering a viable replacement to traditional railroad ties, such as wood, steel or concrete. Our composite railroad ties have great benefits, including a life expectancy of two to three times longer than wood."

USPL's DuraTie Composite railroad ties are made of recycled plastic and fiberglass for durability and strength. Benefits include a greater life expectancy over wood ties; no hazardous materials used or needed to have or maintain insect and rot resistance; no hazardous materials generated; and, no seepage of hazardous materials. McCann added, "This is a great benefit for the environmentally conscious CTA."

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association is developing specifications for plastic composite railroad ties. Wood ties are replaced in the United States at a rate of some 10-15 million ties annually. USPL's railroad ties are nonconductive and do not absorb water, like wooden ties, and help eliminate the effects of stray-current corrosion of track hardware in electrified mass transit systems, while significantly extending the life of the railroad ties.