Construction Materials Recycling Association Promotes Concrete and Asphalt Recycling

Washington, DC - The Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA), has three main efforts underway to promote concrete and asphalt recycling.

The first is a project organized by Kelly Ingalls, Regional Director of the Southern California Chapter of the CMRA. Local CMRA membersó Can Copp Crusher, Hanson Aggregates and Newman & Sonsó have banded together to fund the development of a presentation on the engineering char-acteristics of recycled aggregate. The presentation will be given on a one-by-one basis with highway engineers of southern California municipalities that do not allow recycled aggregates use in their road construction. The aim is to show them the material's true characteristics and overcome the barriers to recycled aggregate's use in those communities.

The information for the project has been developed by Steven Marvin, Labelle/Marvin, a noted materials engineer based in Southern California. Mr. Marvin also will present the data to the highway engineers. If this effort is successful, the CMRA will be looking for opportunities to do this project with members in other parts of the country.

The CMRA also is looking to create a concrete recycling website page that will provide all known information about the practice. The website, under the domain name concrete, would be modeled on the association's web page, which covers asphalt shingle recycling. A contractor has been chosen for the job and preliminary work has been done to assemble the necessary data, but funding still needs to be secured. Grant proposals are out in front of several possible funding sources.

Lastly, the CMRA is working to be involved in a proposed Federal Highway Administration National Review on Recycled Concrete Aggregate. Accord- ing to the proposal, "The purpose of this review is to capture for technical deployment the most advanced uses recycled concrete aggregate and then transfer the knowledge to all State Transportation Agencies (STA). Through this sharing of information, we intend to showcase how other STAs overcame barriers and advanced the use of recycled concrete as an aggregate. Specific uses or applications will be identified along with their barriers and benefits to implementation. Specifications, con-struction practices and implementation challenges also will be documented. This information will then be disseminated to all STAs through technical guidance, training and guide specifications, as necessary."

Five states - Minnesota, Utah, Virginia, Texas and Michigan - have been chosen for an indepth review of their recycled concrete aggregate programs. In a message to FHWA Engineer Bryan Cowley, who is developing the project, CMRA's executive director William Turley wrote: "If anyone knows the answers to the project's professed objectives of overcoming barriers to recycled concrete's use and advancing the routine use of recycled concrete aggregate, it would be our members, who have been intimately involved in the process for years." The CMRA will continue to monitor this project through to its completion.