Crumb Rubber System Installed at Maryland Environmental Service

Buffalo, NY - Wendt Corporation has sold a complete Eldan Scandinavian Recycling E-4000t scrap tire recycling system to Maryland Environmental Service (MES). MES is planning a January, 2003 start-up for the facility in Baltimore County, Maryland. The plant will process 1.5 million scrap tires annually, collected from tire manufacturers, solid waste facilities and scrap yards. The high quality crumb rubber produced will be sold to manufacturers of both consumer and industrial products.

The new project will be wholly owned by MES, which will hire and train 20 new full-time employees to work in two eight-hour shifts per day. The building will accommodate incoming tires, processing equipment and the finished crumb rubber product, which will be packaged for delivery to their customers. There will be no outside storage of tires. Any tires not in the building will be kept in enclosed trailers.

The Eldan SR system utilizes a super chopper for chopping whole passenger and truck tires into six-inch nominal chucks ideal for further processing with the heavy rasper. The heavy rasper reduces the chunks into smaller chips while liberating greater than 95 percent of the steel wire for separation with a magnet. The minus 3/4" chips are then sent to fine granulator No. 1 and then to minus 1/8" in granulator No. 2. The E-4000t produces the highest quality crumb rubber because both liberated steel and fiber are removed after each phase of size reduction. The finished product is greater than 99.9 percent free of liberated steel and fiber. On average, four to five trailer loads of tires will arrive at the facility daily and will be unloaded directly into the building. Tire generators will be charged a tipping fee for tires brought to the facility.