NAPCOR Venue Recycling Report Available

Charlotte, NC - The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) has produced an article about the organization's vast experience with PET plastic collection at sports venues and special events. The article was published in NAPCOR's September 2001 "PET Projects," NAPCOR's electronic newsletter, and is available at

The article outlines successful strageties for the implementation of recycling programs at four types of event venues: professional team sports, individual sporting events, amateur sporting events and special events.

The increase in the variety of products served at special venues in PET bottles during the last several years has promoted a corresponding interest in providing recycling opportunities for them. Beverages commonly sold in PET bottles at special venues and special events include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water and beer, and the critical mass of bottles generated in most venues now merits the establishment of cost-effective recycling programs.

NAPCOR has long engaged in projects and programs aimed at facilitating and increasing PET plastic bottle collection at sports venues and special events throughout the United States. The results of those efforts is a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience that NAPCOR is eager to share with other organizations, consumer products companies and venues.

"NAPCOR's interest in special venue recycling initiatives is a result of the tremendous increase in the amount of individual-size PET (iPET) containers being used at special events and sports venues across the country," said NAPCOR President Luke B. Schmidt. "This effort follows on the heels of the publication of the NAPCOR's iPET Recycling Toolkit, which also addresses the issues of venue recycling and provides a wealth of information."

The webpage link to the report is or call 704-423-9400.

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