Trade Commission Votes that Steel Industry Injured by Hot-rolled Imports

Washington, DC - The U.S. International Trade Commission deter-mined, by a unanimous vote, that the domestic hot-rolled steel industry is materially injured due to dumped and subsidized imports from China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Thai-land, and Ukraine.

In an ealier vote, the Commission determined that antidumping duties should be levied against Argentina and South Africa, as well as countervailing duties against Argentina.

The American steel industry applauds the Commission's affirmative determination. This affirmative vote clears the way for the Commerce Department's final antidumping and counter-vailing duty margins to be enforced. The U.S. Department of Commerce found massive unfair trade, issuing anti-dumping margins as high as 243 percent, and countervailing duty rates as high as 41 percent. These trade laws are designed to ensure the foreign producers trade fairly on a prospective basis in the U.S. market. With these decisions, these foreign producers must begin to sell at fair prices in the United States or be subject to the duties.

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