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“The days of smashing hard drives with a hammer are gone,” said Arleen Chafitz, chief executive officer of e-End, a Frederick, Maryland based firm specializing in secure data destruction and electronics recycling.

“Companies are beginning to understand that they have to rely on more than just a staff member saying they’ve destroyed sensitive data.”

Improperly sanitized hard drives or unsecured hard drives create the potential for massive amounts of personal information, e-mails and other sensitive information to be stolen by data thieves.

Unfortunately, numerous federal agencies and companies of all sizes have been learning that improper erasure or attempted destruction of data using poor techniques raises the risk of breaches that can result in hefty fines and other serious consequences.

To assure clients the data on their electronic media has been destroyed and cannot be recovered, e-End has been awarded the NAID AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction.

“Considering how often the phrase ‘data breach’ now appears in the news, businesses and organizations are rethinking how they’re securing the information they’ve been entrusted with,” added Chafitz. “The re-certification of our NAID AAA Certification tells our customers we will destroy the data on their hard drives, cell phones and other electronic media, and the data will be 100 percent unrecoverable by any means.”

The NAID Certification Program was developed to create standards for a secure destruction process. Areas of focus include facility security, employee hiring and screening, and extensive training on the proper procedures for data destruction. All employees are required to pass a background check and drug screening before being hired, with random screenings throughout the year. NAID AAA Certified organizations are audited yearly, and subject to unannounced audits, by accredited security professionals to ensure compliance.

Published in the September 2014 Edition of American Recycler News