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Based on preliminary Census Bureau data, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) reported that the U.S. imported a total of 3,586,000 net tons (NT) of steel in June, including 2,706,000 NT of finished steel (down 11.1 percent and 8.0 percent, respectively, versus May final data).

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Novelis disclosed price increases on its North American automotive and specialty aluminum sheet products for all new orders effective immediately.

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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) disclosed a new nonferrous specification published in the Scrap Specifications Circular 2014.

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New technology, a growing industry, and a large audience demanding an online exchange platform dedicated to the scrap and recycling industry, without illegitimate traders, has been the reason for the introduction of a new online physical exchange, dedicated to the trading of recyclables and equipment.

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Sims Metal Management Limited disclosed restructuring initiatives designed to reset and streamline the Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) business as part of a group strategic review currently being undertaken.

The review has determined certain loss making assets to be outside of the strategic long-term interests of the company. These operations include a substantial portion of SRS in the UK and all of SRS in Canada. Legislation and market dynamics in the UK and Canada have resulted in these businesses being commercially unattractive to the company going forward. The company will redirect its capital and resources instead to other portions of the global businesses that are more attractive as it continues to develop its platform for SRS customer relationships worldwide.

The company’s UK Metals operations, fridge recycling and IT asset management solutions are core and therefore not impacted by the restructuring activities. SRS operations outside of the UK and Canada are also core and therefore not impacted by the restructuring activities.

The company expects to recognize restructuring charges of circa $80 to $85 million of which the non-cash portion relates primarily to fixed asset impairment and is circa $35 million. The restructuring charges will be recorded as significant items in the company’s second half results of FY14.

In addition to the above impacts from restructuring activities, the company is currently engaged in its annual impairment measurement process, and expects to impair goodwill in regard to SRS in an amount ranging from $20 to $30 million.

These initiatives and charges are part of a broad review of the company’s operations and strategy.

Published in the September 2014 Edition of American Recycler News

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