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As the resale and installation of unsafe tires is gaining momentum throughout the U.S., more and more state governors are signing legislation prohibiting the sale of unsafe used tires to motorists.

The world’s largest purchaser of natural rubber, the Michelin Group is committed to responsibly and sustainably managing the rubber production industry. In order to preserve this resource and to manage its social and environmental impact, Michelin has chosen to promote rubber farming while also respecting certain rules throughout the value chain.

Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS), a Maryville-based facility owned by Bolder Industries (formerly Waste to Energy Partners) and producer of Bolder Black™ plans to process a minimum of 1 million waste tires, resulting in 7 million pounds of recycled Bolder Black, 1.2 million gallons of reclaimed oil and 1,600 tons of recycled steel.

Colquitt County, Georgia was approved for a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help dispose of scrap tires.

John Sheerin, USTMA’s director of End of Life Tire Programs, was a featured speaker at the Recycled Rubber Products Technology Conference.

California legislation intended to boost the tire recycling rate is advancing with USTMA support. AB 509, sponsored by Assembly Member Jim Frazier, would change the current state tire recycling grant program into an incentive program to help expand the use of tire-derived material.