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Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. has acquired a 19.9 percent interest in TerraCycle Canada.

TerraCycle Canada collects and recycles pre-and post-consumer waste streams ranging from cigarette butts to coffee capsules to drink pouches – that are otherwise sent to landfill or incinerated. The companies are beginning to cooperate on a range of recycling initiatives throughout Canada to bring more recycling options to Progressive Waste Solutions’ commercial, governmental and residential customers.

Joseph Quarin, president and chief executive officer of Progressive Waste Solutions, commented, “We expect that this partnership will enhance the range of recycling options Progressive Waste Solutions can offer its customers.”

This partnership will include Progressive Waste Solutions offering TerraCycle’s recycling services in many of their contract bids – thereby providing Progressive Waste Solutions customers with options for recycling otherwise non-recyclable waste streams.

TerraCycle Canada already operates a significant network of individuals and organizations across Canada. Through the corporate sponsorship of companies such as Maple Leaf Foods®, Mr. Christie’s®, Nespressoâ and Garnier®, TerraCycle runs free recycling fundraisers at over 20,000 schools and community groups across Canada. In addition, TerraCycle partners with retailers such as London Drugs and Staples Canada to collect waste at their store locations and with the City of Vancouver to collect cigarette butts in recycling receptacles installed across the city.

Globally, TerraCycle has repurposed more than 2.6 billion pieces of food and beverage, office and school supply, personal care and beauty packaging and other hard to recycle waste streams such as cigarette butts. These collections helped raise more than $8 million dollars to charity.

Published in the April 2014 Edition of American Recycler News