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Kinko's Creates Forest-Based Products Policy

Dallas, TX— Kinko’s, Inc. announced a new forest-based product procurement policy incorporating a strict set of vendor requirements and establishing a central set of recycled content standards. Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has hailed Kinko’s new policy as one of the most effective and meaningful policies put in place by a company to help protect endangered forests and end old growth destruction.

The policy is part of Kinko’s longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and was developed with input from prominent environmental groups and suppliers, including RAN and International Paper (IP).

“Kinko’s new policy extends our commitment to ensuring we use forest-based products efficiently and we continue to increase the recycled content of the paper and wood products we purchase. It will also ensure that, when we must use virgin materials, they originate from well-managed, non-endangered forests,” said Gary Kusin, Kinko’s president and chief executive officer.

“Kinko’s new forest-based products policy continues the company’s trend of strong environmental leadership. Six years ago, Kinko’s was one of America’s first companies to prohibit the use of paper from old growth forests. Today, Kinko’s has taken the additional steps of increasing recycling standards and setting strict guidelines to ensure its suppliers can guarantee that they are not engaged in the destruction of old growth and endangered forests, conversion of native forests, or using genetically modified trees,” said Christopher Hatch, executive director for RAN.


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