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Separation Systems Engineering Makes New Metal Recovery Equipment Available

Buffalo, NY— Separation Systems Engineering GmbH (SSE) located in Wedel, Germany, appointed Wendt Corporation as the exclusive North American distributor for a new line of equipment that recovers stainless steel and other metals currently heading to the landfill. According to Wendt, now all types of metals can be mined from Eddy Current waste streams including stainless steel, copper windings, insulated and bare copper wire, and other Eddy Current and picker “misses.” This new technology can recover lost revenue from waste streams and promises to be a significant advancement to the shredding industry, much like the introduction of Eddy Current separators in the 1990s.

The process is the next logical step for non-ferrous downstream systems and picks up where Eddy Current separators leave off. Rather than using magnetic strength, the new technology utilizes a high frequency magnetic sensor and detects metals with a high-speed computer that fires an array of compressed air nozzles, ejecting metals from the waste stream.

Since 1988, the SSE group of companies has sold over 200 separators to a variety of industries in 15 countries including the U.S. Of the 200+ separators in service, SSE has sold 40+ for scrap metals recycling since targeting the industry in 2000.

SSE’s technology can be easily integrated into current non-ferrous metal recycling systems and can detect and eject all metals including all grades of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals from the waste stream of an Eddy Current separator producing a mixed metals process flow.


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