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December 2003

Project Converts Glass Slag Into Commercial Products

Conclusion of Research will Produce a 100 Percent Recycling Rate for Photochemical Silver Refining

Reno, NV— Itronics Inc. reported that its wholly owned subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., has completed a key phase of the research to produce formulated glass products from the glass slags produced by silver refining at its Stead, Nevada, recycling facility.

This research project was initiated in June 2000 when Itronics President Dr. John Whitney said, “Our goal is to manufacture an ‘intermediate’ glass product that can be sold to manufacturers of specialty glass products, including decorative tile.”

“Our intensive research identified three product categories: (1) a glass ceramic mixture that can be used to produce tile and other shapes suitable for glazing and commercial use; (2) glass formulations that can be used as ‘lead free’ low and intermediate temperature glazes for decorative tile and the craft pottery trade, and (3) specialty boro-silicate glass formulations,” said Dr. Whitney. “The next phase of this project will focus on production of small product quantities for evaluation and product market studies, and is expected to be completed within two to three years.”

The environmental objective of the glass slag recycling research and development project is to achieve 100 percent “beneficial use” recycling of the used photoliquids which Itronics Metallurgical processes into GOLD’n GRO liquid fertilizers and in the recovery and refining of the contained silver. The commercial objective is to expand the profit margins of the silver-refining segment and to create the opportunity for long term growth of this segment by producing specialty products for the tile, craft pottery, and specialty glass markets.

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