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December 2006

Curbside Value Partnership goes “desperate” for recycling

The Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) is launching a new radio public service announcement (PSA) to put all those “non-recyclers” on notice.

The PSA is available in English and Spanish and depicts two housewives gossiping about their new non-recycling neighbor. After exchanging rumors and furtive glances, they decide that someone needs to tell her that “around here, we’re desperate about recycling!” Listeners are directed to to find out about local recycling options.

CVP is a national partnership program currently funded by the aluminum industry and its member companies Alcoa, Anheuser-Busch Metal Container, ARCO, Ball, Novelis and REXAM.

“It’s not rocket science,” says program director Steve Thompson. “You can spin wheels all day trying to come up with that ‘perfect message’ to reach and motivate homeowners. But really all you need to do is remind them how they can recycle in their community and where they can go to get started. That’s what this PSA does.”

The PSA will be distributed to over 250 radio stations in the United States and, thanks to a partnership with Earth 911, also will be available by request to local recycling coordinators and other interested parties at no cost. Interested municipalities or organizations can visit to request a copy of the PSA and localize it with contact information.

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