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Top Ten Forecasts: Workforce and Workplace: 2002

These forecasts were prepared by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia, professional members of The World Future Society and principals of The Herman Group, Consulting Futurists, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

1. There will be an unprecedented churning in the labor marketplace beginning mid-year.

2. In the short term, more people will look for work in the public sector, seeking job security in the civil service system.

3. The informalization of the workplace will continue. The trend that began with "casual dress" Fridays will take us to informal work relationships and family room furniture in office environments.

4. More workers will become independent contractors, selling their services to employers on a project or set-term basis. This movement will expand the work of staffing firms who will represent them.

5. Many employers that have treated employees badly with their layoff policies will be in serious trouble. More workers will leave, laid-off employees won't return, and fewer applicants will choose to work there.

6. Workers who are fortunate enough to have found their preferred work environment will tend to stay longer. Others will change jobs more frequently in their search for their employer of choice.

7. Corporate training and education will enjoy a resurgence as employees urge the support of employers in their pursuit of growth and skill acquisition.

8. Portable benefits will come into vogue, with employees negotiating individualized plans as part of their personalized compensation programs.

9. Fewer people will retire completely. Retirees will move into jobs in other fields, will start their own businesses, and engage in other activities to remain active and productive.

10. Increases in telecommuting will inspire substantial changes in where and how companies do business. Both space allocation and management styles will shift dramatically.




For additional information on any of these forecasts, just give us a call. The Herman Group is a firm of consulting futurists concentrating on workforce and workplace trends. Contact Roger Herman or Joyce Gioia (joy-yah) at (336) 282-9370.

Roger Herman is owner of The Herman Group, Greensboro, NC and is a specialist in employee retention.