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ISOPur Rounds up Financing Totaling $8.5 Million

Rocky Hill, CT— ISOPur Fluid Technologies Inc., an innovator in industrial fluid cleaning technology adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies, has now been singled out by Advent International, one of the world’s largest private equity firms, to receive Advent’s first-ever capital investment in a fluid management technology and equipment company.

Advent rounds out ISOPur’s Preferred Series “A” financing which generated $8.5 million for the company. ISOPur will use the funding to further commercialize its breakthrough, patented industrial “fluid purification” technology known as Balanced Charge Agglomeration(SM) (BCA). In addition to Advent, FA Technology Ventures, a major investor in new energy and power generation technologies, and Siemens Venture Capital, the investment arm of Siemens GmbH, a leading developer of power generation systems and industrial machinery, are among ISOPur’s initial round investors.

Customer testimonials and lab testing confirm that ISOPur’s BCA process, which uses carefully balanced electrical charges to separate contaminants from oils and fuels, is capable of purifying non-conducting fluids such as lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel and cooking oils to a much higher level of purity than conventional filtration alternatives. ISOPur’s BCA process protects industrial machinery, minimizes the waste stream, lowers operating costs and reduces oil disposal liability, compared to conventional filtration methods.

A wide range of industrial and power generation companies in North America, Europe and Asia are already using ISOPur’s BCA technology. ISOPur customers include equipment manufacturers such as Ansaldo, Atlas Copco and Eaton Corp.; power companies such as Enel, one of Europe’s largest power producers; a number of food producers including Refined Sugar and Sanwa Shoko; institutions such as Yale University and Iowa State University; and various municipalities such as the Vero Beach Municipal Power Plant.

ISOPur’s BCA technology is ideal for steam and gas turbines, compressors, hydraulic systems and a wide range of industrial and manufacturing equipment that require non-conducting fluids. These workhorse lubricants are used to protect billions of dollars worth of industrial machinery throughout the world; they enable moving parts of machinery to operate smoothly and efficiently.

As the fluids become dirty and contaminated, they must be replaced. Even the most expensive filtration systems on the market today are only able to extend the useful life of these fluids for a limited period of time. ISOPur’s BCA technology is able to keep these fluids like new, year after year, without replacement.

“The BCA process actually ‘pulls’ small particles of dirt and contamination from inside the machinery, enabling the equipment to operate more efficiently and reliably. This significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs and equipment downtime and extends the service life of the equipment,” said Gerald L. Munson, chief technology officer for ISOPur Fluid Technologies.

“ISOPur’s BCA process allows our industrial and power generation customers to regard lubricating oil as a capital asset rather than a commodity and a liability to use and dispose of,” said ISOPur President and CEO William W. Crossman. “The return on investment that ISOPur’s fluid purification systems deliver to our customers is substantial.”

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