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Recycled Rubber Increases Playground Safety

Brooklyn Heights, OH— An alarming new trend on our nation's playgrounds has produced new opportunities for processors of recycled tires. GroundScape Technologies, of Brooklyn Heights, Ohio is one such processor that manufactures playground safety surfaces from shredded, recycled tires.

During the past two decades, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission statistics have shown a dramatic increase in playground-related injuries. It is estimated that each year more than 200,000 children are injured on America's playgrounds (76% on public playgrounds and 23% on home playground equipment).

Because playground accidents are a leading cause of injury to children and 81% of all injuries are caused by falls, many communities have concentrated on building playgrounds with soft ground coverings.

Numerous state and private testing agencies have determined that shredded rubber tire chips have consistently outperformed all other surface materials, such as asphalt, wood chips, gravel or sand, in impact absorption.

The process for converting recycled tires uses a patented material that molecularly bonds color to clean shredded, recycled tire grinds. The products are nontoxic, do not support bacteria, mold or fungus growth, and do not attract insects or animals. The company backs the playground safety surface with a lifetime product performance warranty and an eight-year warranty against total color loss. "We are proud to be making a product that is both helping kids to be safer on school, community and home playgrounds, as well as helping the environment by using recycled tires," stated Cary Senders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GroundScape Technologies.

The loose-fill playground safety surface product is non-toxic and virtually maintenance free.






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