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Three Month Biomass Recycling Test Project to Streamline Landfill Processes

Wilmington, NC— Green Power Energy Holdings, Corp. and New Hanover County announced that they have entered into a three-month pilot program that will recycle construction and demolition debris - unadulterated wood, corrugated cardboard, metals and aggregates. The program will extend the life and reduce the emissions of methane from the New Hanover County landfill while supplying Green Power with wood fuels at substantially lower transportation costs than available under their present contracts.

Upon successful completion of the initial test period, Green Power is expected to sign a long-term contract with New Hanover County and will roll out its program to other North Carolina landfill sites. If successful, this program will provide a wood fuel supply for future expansion.

Under Green Power's new landfill program, they will be able to offer North Carolina's landfill operators a number of benefits such as: improving their long term profitability; extending the life of county landfill by many years; reducing methane emissions from the local landfill; removing unadulterated wood before the counties are regulated to do so; providing a recycling program which meets municipal by-law requirements in most counties; reducing the need for the purchase of recycling equipment and the cost of additional manpower to sort, process, transport as Green Power takes this responsibility while still benefiting from lower wood fuel costs.






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