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'Green Energies' Project Launched by SC Johnson

Cogeneration System to Reduce Air Emissions

Racine, WI— SC Johnson is testing a new system that transforms waste landfill methane gas into "green" energy using a process called co-generation.

The site will house a turbine engine which, through a process called cogeneration, burns waste methane gas from a nearby landfill to produce electricity and steam to be used by the Waxdale facility. In a further innovation, the Waxdale plant will use waste methane gas generated by a local landfill as the fuel for the cogeneration procedure. SC Johnson is the first consumer products manufacturer to use the cogeneration process to power its main manufacturing site operations.

The waste methane gas will come from the Republic Services' Kestrel Hawk landfill site, one half mile to the east of Waxdale. SC Johnson will burn methane instead of fossil fuels, such as natural gas or coal. Through this process, the company expects to reduce Waxdale's emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases by 47 percent and cut fossil fuel energy use nearly in half by 2005.

"The greenhouse gases we save through this process will be equivalent to keeping 3,200 cars off the road per year," said Dr. H. Fisk Johnson, Chairman of SC Johnson. "That's right for SCJ, our community and our planet today -- and even more important, it's right for the generations of tomorrow."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only about 30 U.S. companies have developed an energy recovery system utilizing otherwise wasted landfill methane. But SC Johnson is unique in its cogeneration process of using methane gas to make electricity and recovering waste heat for use in the Waxdale plant as steam.

The project is another step in SC Johnson's efforts in the U.S. EPA's Climate Leaders Initiative, a voluntary partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The system is projected to be fully operational by the end of 2003.






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