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Illegal Dumping Site Cleared Using 'The Good Neighbor's United Initiative'

Detroit, MI— Nearly four months after the clean up of an illegal dumping site in Highland Park, Budco reports that it remains clear!

When the marketing services firm took possession of its newest facility in Highland Park late last year, it encountered approximately 1,500 yards of waste on a roadway adjacent to its property— the result of illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping, the disposing of waste in unauthorized areas, is a common and continuous problem throughout the United States. It raises serious concerns regarding safety, quality of life, injury and health risks.

"In our efforts to clear the site we discovered an initiative that was in place by Wayne County to address this specific concern," said Tony Nader, Budco Director of Quality. "The Good Neighbor's United Initiative is a project of the county's Department of Environment, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

"The goal is to secure multi-stakeholder interest and support not only to address the initial clean up, but to prevent the same situation from occurring again."

In the Budco case, the site had been used for decades as an illegal dumping ground. Seventy truckloads of rubbish were carted away. Budco committed to remain continuously involved to ensure that the site will remain clear from this point forward.





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