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Labor Coalition Claims California E-Waste Bill Falls Short on Producer Responsibility

Stamford, CT— Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (CDT) has received notification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of verification of emissions reduction performance of its Platinum Plus(R) Purifier System for retrofit to 1988-1993 diesel engines. Engine dynamometer testing of the Platinum Plus Purifier System after 1,000 hours of commercial service shows that the system more than doubles the particulate matter (PM) reduction offered by traditional diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) currently in use, without increasing nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions.

Reductions of 40-50 percent in particulate matter emissions were measured at Southwest Research Institute on a 1991 certified Cummins medium heavy-duty diesel engine typical of those used in school buses, municipal buses, delivery trucks and refuse haulers. The EPA, under its Environmental Technology Verification test protocol, verified these reductions. This high level of particulate matter reduction was achieved from use of the Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) and a low-cost, specially catalyzed DOC used with commercial No. 2D fuel and also with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. Verification of the Platinum Plus Purifier System is posted on the EPA website.

Verification followed field trials with beverage delivery trucks used in commercial service in Texas as well as with refuse trucks in California. In these programs, the combination of Platinum Plus FBC and DOC purifier system was demonstrated effective even in aggressive stop-and-go delivery service. Reductions of 41 percent were verified for application with normal No. 2D fuel and up to 50% with ULSD.

Commenting on the verification, James Valentine, Clean Diesel Technology president and chief operating officer, said: “Most other traditional DOCs give only 20-25 percent particulate matter reduction and can cause large increases in NO2 emissions, which, as a strong ground-level lung irritant, are restricted by the California Air Resources Board and the Mining Safety Health Administration. In comparison with traditional, heavily catalyzed devices, the Platinum Plus Purifier System uses only a fraction of the precious metals, by putting the catalyst in the fuel as well as on the lightly catalyzed DOC device. This dual-action approach reduces more particulate matter at lower costs without any increase in NO2 emissions. In fact, NO2 emissions are lowered with the system by up to 40 percent.”

“With the Platinum Plus Purifier System, fleets can start tomorrow with fuel currently in use and get 40 percent particulate matter reduction, knowing that reductions will improve to as much as 50 percent when they switch to ULSD as it becomes economically available. In addition, over a dozen fleet trials have confirmed an average of eight percent fuel economy improvement from regular use of the FBC, which more than pays for the FBC and helps offset the cost of the lightly catalyzed DOC.”

The system should be especially attractive to local delivery fleets and school buses with older, dirtier engines. Typical retrofit capital costs for the Platinum Plus Purifier System could allow as many as five school buses to be retrofitted, versus one vehicle retrofitted for the same cost with a traditional, heavily catalyzed particulate filter.

Clean Diesel Technologies intends to supply verified systems directly to end-users and through a planned network of licensed distributors. The Platinum Plus FBC can be delivered pre-blended in fuel by licensed fuel suppliers, or added to fuel on-site by end-users using automatic dosing systems. Several on-board dosing systems are also under development.


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