Motivating Employees Not To Speed
By Universal Underwriters Group's Loss Prevention Department

Need a topic for your next safety meeting? Here’s a good one: speeding.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) speed was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes in 2002, resulting in the loss of 13,713 lives.

How can you help prevent your employees from becoming another statistic? Use a combination of education and motivation to make it clear that the safe operation of autos is a priority in your business.

When it comes to educating employees about safe driving habits, numerous resources are available. The National Safety Council, Smith System Driver Institute, JJ Keller & Associates, and AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety each provide driver safety education materials, and you can find them all on the web.

How do you motivate employees not to speed? “The trick is not to give them an incentive to speed,” says Daryl Allegree, Universal Underwriters’ Manager of Loss Prevention. “You don’t want to tell them to run this part over to so and so as quick as you can and then get right back here. Don’t give the impression that you are encouraging them to speed just to get the delivery done quickly.”

Daryl says that requiring the employee to pay part or all of the deductible is a strong motivator. “It can help increase awareness and prevent accidents of all kinds,” he says. “Accident investigations, driver monitoring programs (such as 1-800 How’s my driving?), loss prevention incentive programs, strict hiring procedures, and annual MVR checks are essential.”

Thorough accident investigations play a key role in preventing future accidents. To show your employees that you are truly interested in the safe operation of vehicles, interview those who are involved in accidents. Find out what happened, how it happened and what can be done so that it won’t happen again. If your employee was at fault, give him or her a stern warning to not let it happen again. Word will quickly spread that you are serious about auto safety.

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