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November 2003

'Steel University' Made Available Through Internet-Based e-Learning

Following a highly successful pilot project with two demonstration modules, launched in July 2002, the Board of Directors of the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) approved a budget for a series of modules to expand the current provision. The first module focuses upon secondary steelmaking, including a realistic interactive simulation in which the student has to convert a ladle of steel into a specific grade of steel. The process requires decisions about time, temperature and specification all supported by sub-modules on the thermodynamics and kinetics of deoxidation, desulphurisation, decarburisation and degassing. The second module asks the student to select a grade of steel that would be suitable for an automotive door panel. All the requirements of formability, fabrication, safety and finishing then have to be considered in making the correct selection. These modules have already received an enthusiastic reception from students and academics worldwide.

The new proposal provides the budget to develop these resources extensively to cover all the major steelmaking processes from raw materials through to properties, applications and manufacturing. Each module will focus upon all the underlying scientific principles with issues of recycling, environmental management and sustainability playing a major role in each element. Leading academics and steel industry experts will ‘story board’ each module, which will be reviewed by a panel of global experts from the industry. The completed modules will then be integrated into a virtual ‘steel university’.

The resulting e-learning environment will create a ‘one-stop’ shop covering all aspects steelmaking, industrial and academic collaboration and steel research.

The existing two modules have been prepared by the IISI Working Group on Internet Learning of Steel Applications and Processes under the leadership of Dr. David Naylor, Corus University Liaison Manager at Swinden Technology Centre.

On October 1, 2003, the new project was also led by Dr. Naylor who will work on secondment from Corus to IISI. As Project Director Steel University, Dr. Naylor will be responsible for coordinating the project, spending some of his time in Brussels and some of his time in Rotherham where he is currently based. For more information consult the website.

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