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November 2003

World Steel Industry Focuses on Reducing CO2 Emissions Through Global Initiative

Chicago, IL— Adopting an innovative approach to research, International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) has commissioned a program of activities to explore the opportunities, strategies and goals available globally to radically reduce CO2 emissions.

Steel companies around the world have been undertaking projects to look at ways of further reducing CO2 emissions. Different approaches have been taken on both regional and national levels. However, these projects were independent and unconnected, mainly due to different strategies in terms of goals, timeframe, targeted technologies and funding arrangements. There was unanimous agreement by the IISI membership for international collaboration to address the issues and set a challenging goal for lower emissions. By adopting a proactive methodology, the world steel industry is anxious to demonstrate to all stakeholders its commitment towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

To provide an international framework for the reduction of CO2 emissions, IISI has launched a global initiative called the CO2 Breakthrough Program. The program takes a multiphase approach to radically reduce CO2 emissions from the steel industry. Phase 1 of the initiative will take 18 months to 2 years. Phases 2 and 3 may follow and continue over several years. Depending upon the outcome of Phase 1, pilot projects on selected technologies may be implemented during Phase 2 and major demonstration projects during Phase 3. At the IISI Annual Conference, the Board of Directors will discuss the project and will announce a Project Director to coordinate the program.

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